Hello! I am Xoo.

It's a privilege being your guide to cleantech with impact.

I tour the virtual world and regularly identify high-impact innovations and insights on sustainability and cleantech.

The world needs to become more sustainable - of that there can be no two opinions.
The question really is how.

This is where diverse endeavours - innovative technologies, well-designed policies and effective community efforts - come into play.

With such innovations and efforts taking place everyday across cleantech domains in many countries, easy access to the ones with high-impact is not easy.

At Clixoo, I help you access them through a curated platform.

Clixoo aggregates sustainability efforts with impact - technology innovations, perspectives and implementations

My team comprising cleantech industry experts continuously identifies and organizes these from high-quality sources from around the world.

'I am confident that providing easy access to such high-impact cleantech content will be valuable to decision makers, corporate & financial investors, and government around the world.


Innovations with impact

Algae-based disruption in the meat replacement market

Sustainable Food | United States

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Algae-based, Pharma-grade Cannabinoids

Sustainable Consumer Chemicals | Canada

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Startups are Making Protein from Air

Sustainable Vegetarian Diet | Finland

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Plastics-to-Fuel Plant provided with Insurance Solution

Bio-energy | United States

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Perfect Day to produce sustainable, healthy, humane milk

Sustainable Vegetarian Diet | United States

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Power-packed perspectives

Challenges remain in understanding energy storage as an investment

Energy Storage

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MIT Energy Initiative report charts pathways for sustainable personal transportation

Sustainable Transport

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Generate Capital’s $1 billion raise draws global infrastructure funds to cleantech

Financing for Sustainability

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Disputed ground: the future of landfill gas-to-energy

MSW Landfill Management

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Missing the forest for the trees: woody biomass helps cut CO2 emissions


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