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The cleantech intelligence exchange

The transition to a sustainable world will be complex, and the paths are uncertain.

What is certain is that most progress in such a transition over the next three decades for industries, businesses and communities will be propelled by two key factors:

  • Speed of innovation commercialization - Getting to market effective innovations in diverse dimensions such technology, business processes, business models, policies, and behavioural sciences will be critical
  • Speed of solution adoption - How fast current solutions and new technologies, processes and business models get adopted by all key stakeholders will be as important as - or perhaps more important - than the solutions and innovations themselves.

Given the vast and diverse canvas of sustainability - there’s hardly any aspect of our lives that it does not touch - it is important that stakeholders get focussed intelligence on the key dimensions that drive sustainability adoption.

While the world seems to be awash with information on everything related to sustainability, sector and industry focussed expert intelligence is currently quite scarce.

Clixoo aims to fill this gap. Our platform provides sector-focussed actionable sustainability intelligence and enables productive expert interactions.

It is our hope that bringing together key stakeholders - innovators, solution providers, end users, investors, and government - on a single online platform with high sectoral focus will be a powerful catalyst for global sustainability innovations and adoption.

CLIMAX - Climate intelligence exchange

In the first stage, Clixoo focuses on intelligence and interactions for the critical domain of climate change, through the CLIMAX section. - Know more about CLIMAX from here.

Check out CLIMAX500 for a list of 500 innovative climate tech startups.