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The climate intelligence exchange

Many different things need to fall in place for the world to reach a safe carbon zone as soon as possible.

The field of climate change is full of action worldwide. Pretty much everyone seems to have suggestions and recommendations

But effective climate change action will need to be built with the following:

  • A clear understanding of the current status
  • Clear targets for the desired results,
  • Knowledge of the solutions and levers that can get us there,
  • A feasible roadmap for implementation of solutions, and
  • Acting on the implementation strategy

While the above template looks simple, setting it in motion is very difficult, and more so in such a vast domain with 100+ year old legacy assets built on fossil fuels, comprising so many stakeholders with differing vested interests, complex supply chains, long-ingrained behaviours & lifestyles.

Historically, we have transitioned from a lower efficiency resource to one that is higher. The low carbon transformation is however about a transition to a cleaner (and not necessarily more efficient) source - hardly a strong business case!

Is this even possible? Rather than trying to answer this question, it’s more productive to pose it differently: How can we make it happen?

Narrowing the above question further, we asked ourselves what could be some of the most critical dimensions for the 2020-2030 period that can make such a large-scale transformation possible over the next three decades. Our research and analyses led us to three dimensions that can have an disproportionate effect for the 2020-2030 period:

  • Intelligence
  • Innovations
  • Interactions

While the above seem to be simplistic recommendations for such a gigantic challenge, we are confident that these two - if done in a focussed and effective manner - represent powerful catalysts for sparking a global transformation.

Which is why we designed Clixoo around these dimensions.

Our research team undertook a detailed study of the entire decarbonization spectrum and has come up with about 50 decarbonization avenues, each with a significant potential to provide large-scale GHG emissions reductions during the 2020-2050 period, with many of them having excellent potential even for the 2020-2030 period.

For each of these decarbonization avenues, Clixoo provides the following

  • Curated intelligence in the form of news & updates
  • High potential innovations from exciting startups (see CLIMAX500), and
  • A template for actionable interactions and discussions

We are excited about the potential of Clixoo and its value to many important stakeholders from industry, academia, government, investor community or civil society.

We are starting off with a section that has a focus on climate action - CLIMAX.

CLIMAX - We’re about climate action

In the first stage, Clixoo focuses on providing curated updates, intelligence on climate efforts and innovations for different decarbonization avenues, and for different stakeholder groups. - Get to know about CLIMAX from here.

Check out CLIMAX500 for a list of 500 innovative climate tech startups.