The Cleantech innovation exchange - Clixoo

The Cleantech innovation accelerator

Most progress in sustainability adoption in industries and businesses over the next three decades will be propelled by innovations in various dimensions - technology, business processes, business models, policies, behavioural sciences…

But innovations in cleantech and sustainability domains are currently happening in an inefficient manner - many innovation efforts are being undertaken in silos, important sustainability avenues are served poorly, and interactions between key stakeholders are sub-optimal.

Clixoo aims to dramatically accelerate innovation efforts in the sustainability domain by bringing together innovators, support providers and end users on a single online platform to enable effective collaboration and faster commercialization of innovations.

CLIMAX - Maximizing value from climate change innovations

In the first stage, Clixoo focuses on accelerating innovation in the critical domain of climate change, through the CLIMAX section. - Know more about CLIMAX from here