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Vital stats

Get to know at a glance important, interesting and insightful info and data about CO2.

Molecular Weight

44.1 g/mol


1.96 g/l

Type of bond 

Covalent bond



Solubility in water

90 ml CO2 in 100 ml water (room temp.)

Density of dry ice & liquid CO2

1600 & 1101 Kg/m3


120 years

CO2 lifetime in atmosphere 

300-1000 years

Concentration in atmosphere - in 2021, 2000, 1900

Oct 2021: 0.041%, 414 PPM; In 2000: 370 PPM; In 1900: 296 PPM

Expected future  concentrations in atmosphere

450 PPM by 2050 & about 500 PPM by 2100

Concentration in a closed room without ventilation 

Several hundred PPM to over 1000 PPM

Life threatening concentration levels 

Above 50,000 PPM

Concentration in vehicle exhaust


Concentration in our breath 

4-5% by volume (100X the inhaled concentration)

Concentration in power plant emissions 

5-15%, depending on type of plants

Who measures atmospheric CO2 levels?

NOAA and Scripps, USA

Current CO2 emissions 

35 billion tons, 2019

CO2 emissions in 1800

0.03 billion tons

Amuont of CO2 to be taken off atmosphere for safe zone

100-1000 billion tons by 2100

Cost to capture CO2 directly from air 

About $500/ton of CO2 captured (2021)

CO2 in atmosphere

850 billion tons

CO2 stored in  plants

550 billion tons

CO2 stored in soils

2500 billion tons  (1500 billion tons in permafrost)

CO2 stored in oceans 

38,000 billion tons

Is it ok if the air has zero CO2?

No, we will freeze (and there will be no plants & trees)

Is CO2 a good refrigerant?


Do CO2 levels change with altitude?

Yes, it decreases with altitude

Do human & animal breathing add to global warming? 


Can higher CO2 concentration increase plant yields?

Yes. In C3 plants upto 100%, in C4 plants upto 25%

Can CO2 be converted to liquid fuels &  chemicals?


Can CO2 be converted to proteins & food?


Do roads & pavements absorb CO2?

Yes, but very gradually

Can CO2 be used to treat wastewater?


Do CO2 levels help in human respiration?


Can CO2 be used for cleaning clothes?

Yes, in the form of a solvent

Can CO2 be used to make diamonds?


What is the largest use of CO2 currently?

For urea production

Can CO2 be used for pest control?


Is the artificial fog we see on stages CO2?

In many cases, yes.

Do rocks absorb CO2?

They are one of the largest absorbers of CO2

Can CO2 make us dumb?


Did CO2 play a role in dinosaurs'  extinction?


Do we exhale more CO2 while running than while sitting?

Yes, a lot more.

Does composting release CO2?


Is water vapour a greenhouse gas?


What are the CO2 levels in Martian atmosphere?

95% (950,000 PPM)

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